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Seller's Comments and Description:

Burstcoin Mining Pools
BUY BURSTCOIN MINING PLOT FILE Optimized  to start mining and making burst coin make money

buy for $30 or 700 burst send to Burst C6HC-7TL2-969E-6RLF2 or in burst wallet check Search Burst Marketplace for seller Burst C6HC-7TL2-969E-6RLF2

Burstcoin mining Optimized Plot file 1000GB 1TB file download to Hard Drive

Plotted archive HDD

BUY BURSTCOIN MINING PLOT FILE Optimized  to start mining and making burst coin make money

Burst coin mining Optimized plot file 1000GB gigabyte  1TB terabyte download file

you are buying Burstcoin mining Optimized plot file 1000GB gigabyte / 1TB terabyte

does not include hard drive you just download 1000GB / 1TB Optimized plot file then copy to your hard drive and start mining, plot file is Optimized to find faster deadline and produce more burst coins .

when you buy this package Optimized plot file will be delivered between 1 to 2 day

you have to send your burst address , make sure burst account is active

and starting nonce number if you don't know what is starting nonce number then just send copy of your last plot file full name and we can continue plot nonce number.

once plot is complete and Optimized we will send you download link URL to download the plot file , once plot file is downloaded all you have to do is copy to your own hard drive and start mining , we also can provide you with mining software and help and also send you mining software configured for you so all you have to do is just run the mining software and start mining and earningeasy and simple

any questions you can call or text 516 816 9298 call text viber number 516 816 9298

If you do not have a wallet, please download form BURST COIN at -  burst-team.us

Thanks for your compliance!

This is a digital currency listing for BURST Coins Mining power, Between 24 to 48 hours Miningplot file contract will be delivered directly to your Hard Drive HDD by a download link URL. when you start mining on your computer or laptop burst coins will be deposited to your burstcoin wallet. We also provide mining software and mining configure support to ming from your laptop,computer or smartphone.

Your BURST CoinOptimized plot file Mining Contract will start plotting and optimized once completed download link url will be provided to download and transferred to your local hard drive HDD within 24 to 48 hours after payment is cleared and Ebay and Paypal accounts have been verified.

* In your order details, copy and paste your BURSTCOIN address as a message to the seller, and make sure your wallet is synchronized and active, if not we will provide support on how to activate BURSTCOIN

After the transfer is complete the 24hr MINING contract will commence, and Burst coin mining Optimized plot file of 1000 GB gigabyte / 1TB terabyte download file
will be sent to your local HARD DRIVE,HDD when completed and you can begin burst coin mining to make burst coins.


Please make sure you provide the correct BURST Coins wallet address, in a message to the seller in the order details.

All sales are final, crypto-currency transactions are irreversible.


Your Ebay and PayPal account MUST BE VERIFIED and have the same email address in file!

You must have had your eBay account for at least 12 months and have at least 10 positive feedback ratings within the past year.

Your account must be in good standing and I also reserve the right to ask for I.D. verification like screenshot or even selfie with your ID card.

If your account is questionable for any reason, I reserve the right to cancel your bid and the money paid will immediately get refunded.

If this is the first time we do business, you can ONLY purchase 1 package - 1000GB / 1TB terabyte BURST Coins Optimized PLOT FILE to download plot file- 24 to 48 hours mining contract.

The Buyer will be fully responsible for BURST Coins providing the RIGHT  Wallet address for delivery.There is no refund in case the wrong wallet address is provided, so please TRIPLE check your wallet address.

• Delivery of coins is Electronic to your BURST Coins wallet address; No Physical coins will be delivered,only a link url to download the BURST Coins Optimized PLOT FILE therefore there will not be any shipping information.

• Since Cryptocurrency transactions are not reversible, all sales will be final once the BURST Coins Optimized PLOT FILE have been sent.

• Don't forget to include your BURST Coins Wallet address when you pay! If you have any questions or concerns in regards to BURST Coins mining , mining setup , email me prior of buying!

• A screenshot of the transfer, when completed will be emailed to you through Ebay and to your email address.


If you do not have a wallet, please download form BURST COIN at -  burst-team.us

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